Lake Eyre


In 2013 colpol travelled to Lake Eyre to experience a rare flooding event at the lake

Lake Eyre’s fragile ecology and the increasing impacts of climate change on the World’s largest single spiritual site is the subject of this visual investigation of science, landscape and context. The photographs, oil paintings and charcoal drawings form portion of a larger body of exploratory work regarding time, ecology and space.

The increased rate and scale of severe climatic events are not fully understood; they will leave profound impacts and have fueled apocalyptic discourse. The paintings attempt to provoke viewers to consider this borderline-alien world through a visual nexus of art and science. The painting subjects include dried salt pans, heat waves, mirages, tornadoes, parched earth and eroded plains; the result of millions of years of uninterrupted, extreme, climatic effects.

The large-scale format arose through a visual exploration of the spatial aspects of salt pans from an aerial position; the extent of the landscape is not apparent at ground level and unreferenced from an elevated position. The painting techniques explore the qualities of landscape and climate through visual semantics, a language of colour, mark and symbol. The resulting imagery oscillates between abstraction and figuration.

The works attempt to evoke emotional responses through the portrayal of expansive uninhabited space, harsh conditions; blinding light, silence and toxicity.