Sculptural sensibility is central to the practice. The development of form and the tactile response with an emotional sensitivity can be seen throughout colpol’s work. The St Helena Tunnel at Tintenbar NSW, is an example of a strong serpentine vault form with an abstracted landscape. Thousands of visitors and residents in the area will benefit from the intervention and sculptural response as they travel the upgraded road.

Other examples of work include the Climate Change Creature, a post apocalyptic desert landscape creature of the imagination. CCC is found spreading into all parts of the earth previously vegetated and now desiccated. Feeding on climate sceptics and polluters it scavenges in the cracks in human consciousness.  The creature is sightless as the burning sun has damaged nerves to the extent that CCC only feels an emotional content.

Colour study forms reveal the essential differences between various colour pigments, paints and media in a sculpture based on transparency and opacity. The study also included a limited fluorescent colour wheel with hand made paints.

Other works include Westlink M7 Light Horse Interchange, Cutler VC Interchange and Billinudgel Pedestrian Bridge; examples of strongly sculptural works.